Individual Self-Insurance


AVI Risk Services is a full service third party administrator for Pennsylvania employers who choose to self-insure.  As a third party administrator, AVI Risk Services not only manages claims on your behalf but also provides claim prevention policies and financial and regulatory services.  Our self-insured clients are spread across various industries including human services, hospitals, school districts, public entities, and manufacturers.


The benefits of self-insurance include reduced cost, greater control, and maximized cash flow.


Reduced Cost

Traditional insurers include a markup in their premium in order to make a profit.  In contrast, once an entity is self-insured, costs are based on your actual loss experience, eliminating yearly rate fluctuations.


Greater Control

Self-insurance allows you, the employer, to be in control.  A self-insured employer has input on the vendors used in the adjudication of the claim including legal counsel, nurse case management, IME physicians, and special investigators.


Maximized Cash Flow

With a traditional insurance carrier, premiums are due whether there is claim activity or not.  Alternatively, as a self-insured, claims are paid as they happen.  This frees up funds money to be used or invested at the employer’s discretion.


In addition to third party administration, AVI Risk Services also provides the following services:

  • State certified safety & loss control programs
  • Excess placement
  • Management of dedicated asset accounts
  • Monthly program expense reporting
  • Budget and forecast creation
  • Self-insurance renewal submission and AIPP documents
  • All other functions to manage and maintain a self-insurance exemption program